Website Sells Merchandise Decrying Dale Earnhardt Not Driving Number Eight Car

IF THEY WORKED IN THE SNORG CHICK WE WOULD BUY IT: The CHICAGO TRIBUNE reports that something called is hawking shirts and other merch that decry Teresa Earnhardt for keeping Dale Earnhardt, Jr. from driving NASCAR’s No. 8 car.

Teresa and Earnhardt, Jr. were not able to come to a financial agreement after Little E. […]


David Boston Arrested For DUI After Winning Job With Bucs In Training Camp

DB’S “RIGHT DIRECTION” IS IN REVERSE AFTER DUI CHARGE: The ASSOCIATED PRESS had a positive piece on David Boston’s attempt to return to NFL stardom on Tuesday:

The AP’s Fred Goodall writes that Boston, who has played only five games in the last three years because of injuries, said earlier this week “that’s he learned from […]


Frank Williams Former Six Year MLB Pitcher Now Homeless In Canada

FORMER MLB PITCHER FRANK WILLIAMS NOW HOMELESS: The VICTORIA (BC) TIMES reports on the sad state of former journeyman MLB pitcher Frank Williams - who is homeless and living on Vancouver Island.

Williams spent six seasons in the big leagues with three teams primarily as a reliever (and a good one, at that). But in 1989, […]


Keeping Abreast of Anna Benson

• BUGS AND CRANKS keeps abreast of what Orioles missus Anna Benson has been up to:

• HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS mugs for the camera, as they offer their Faces of the Franchise, both AL and NL versions.
• Due to a new Ricky Williams-influenced rule, CTV barks out news that it will be ruff for Michael Vick […]


Atlanta City Official Wants To Ban Baggy Pants Andruw Jones In Crosshairs

A SIGN THAT IT MIGHT BE TIME TO MOVE BACK TO ATLANTA: Black Atlanta City Councilman C.T. Martin formally proposed a city ordinance this week that would ban “baggy pants that show boxer shorts or thongs“.
In the amendment to Atlanta’s indecency law, Martin states that sagging pants are an ‘epidemic’ that is becoming a ‘major […]


SbB Shooting Brand New Model Today While Also Traveling

WE REALLY YEARN FOR THE DAYS OF HOT STEWARDESSES: We’re traveling and shooting a brand-new SbB Girl today - so updates may not be as timely as normal.

But you know us, we’ll still keep things light and lively - even if it means submitting posts from our Blackberry.


Jesse Marsch Ticks Off David Beckham With Trip During Galaxy Game

Introducing our new favorite MLS player:

Viva la Jesse Marsch!
And apparently some of the late-night, cubicled photo editors at Yahoo don’t have much regard for the musical stylings of Posh Spice:


WNYW Stirs Up Outrage Over Yankee Cap Design Resembling Gang Colors

NYC TV STATION STIRS OUTRAGE OVER YANKEE CAP DESIGN: WNYW-TV in New York has successfully manufactured (justifiable?) outrage over a new design of a Yankees cap:

Excerpt: “Residents in Harlem were shocked to see that official Major League Baseball caps blatantly feature gang colors and symbols: A red and black bandanna design for the Bloods, blue […]