Virginia Tech AD Jim Weaver Wont Condemn Michael Vick

VA TECH AD WON’T CONDEMN DOG MURDERING ALUMNUS: Let us introduce two words into the vocabulary of Virginia Tech Athletic Director Jim Weaver:
No. Comment.

Weaver this week tells the ROANOKE (VA) TIMES that the Hokies have no intention of disassociating themselves from Vick. The school has retired the QB’s number and “The Merryman (football) Center […]


Galaxy Invent Bogus Conflict With Commuter School To Save Face

L.A. GALAXY’S LAME CLAIM TO EXPLAIN EMPTY STADIUM: The LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS reports that David Beckham’s L.A. Galaxy has apparently “agreed to limit ticket sales to 12,500“ for the club’s SuperLiga final Wednesday against Mexican club Pachuca in order to avoid “conflict with the first week of fall semester classes” at nearby Cal State […]


Iowa Hawkeye Receivers Accused Of Theft Photos From Their Dorm Rooms

WALK-ONS WERE NEVER SO HAPPY AT THE UNIV. OF IOWA: Last Sunday two University of Iowa wide receivers were arrested for trying to make $2,000 worth of purchases with stolen credit cards.

KCRG-TV in Cedar Rapids (IA) reports Hawkeye receiver Dominique Douglas, 19, and sophomore wide receiver Anthony Bowman, 19 were named “in a criminal complaint […]


FX Network Buys Sportswriter Transsexual Pilot Then Dumps Premise

THERE GOES DANIELS’ 18-CENT ANNUAL RESIDUAL CHECK: The WASHINGTON POST reports the amusing news that “Nip/Tuck” creator Ryan Murphy recently “sold a pilot to FX network for a series called ‘4 Oz.,’ about the metamorphosis of a married sportswriter with children who comes to the realization he is a transsexual.”

Sound familiar?
Of course, the premise is […]


Field of Dreams Ghost Players Hang Up Flannels Forever

FIELD OF DREAMS GHOST PLAYERS TO HANG UP FLANNELS: The DES MOINES REGISTER reports that after 18 years, the ghost players who come out of the corn on the Field of Dreams site in Dyersville, IA are hanging up their flannels.

The long-disputed owners of the cornfield where the men emerge sold the property recently and […]


Maria Sharapova Photos Offer Nice View of NYC Skyline Across Her Chest

SHARAPOVA READY TO PAINT NYC AND HER OUTFITS RED: Maria Sharapova is ready to paint the town red, and her new outfits for the U.S. Open prove it:

RIGHTFIELDERS checks out the nice view of the New York City skyline - as interpreted on Sharapova’s latest tennis dresses.New clothing for the tennis titaness was unveiled Wednesday […]


Nolan Richardson Coaching Mexican National Team Still Shunned By College Basketball

IS IT TIME TO RESCUE RICHARDSON FROM COACHING HELL? Andy Katz this week profiles Nolan Richardson on, as the former Arkansas coach tries to whip the Mexican National Basketball Team into shape for an upcoming Olympic qualifying tournament.

Richardson is from El Paso and grew up no more than a few full-court presses away from […]


Boras Builds Better Business Bunker

BORAS BRAGS ABOUT BUILDING BETTER BUSINESS BUNKER: Scott Boras spared no expense in building up his new work digs:

The ORANGE COUNTY BUSINESS JOURNAL reports that the uber-agent spent about 3 years and $15 Million in renovating his office space, designed by himself.
But it’s not just his desk and file cabinets. Boras has 40 employees […]


Rob Deer All-Stars Bewildering Baseball Moments

• MR. IRRELEVANT takes a swing at presenting their Rob Deer All-Stars:

• Speaking of big swingers, CRACKED shakes their head at these 9 bewildering baseball moments.
• THE GHOSTS OF WAYNE FONTES puts on their jumping shoes and tells you how to hop on the right bandwagon.
• DOBERMAN ON THE DIAMOND equates the current pennant races […]


Portland Beavers Give a Dam About Fans Opinion For New Name

BEAVERS GIVE A DAM ABOUT FANS’ CHOICE IN NEW NAME: The Portland Beavers give a dam about what you think, as the minor league team is searching for a new identity:

Fans and curious onlookers can cast their votes at the club’s official website to help make a move to a new moniker. There are […]