Nickelback Video Rockstar Features Gretzky Earnhardt Chuck Liddell Grant Hill

SNEAKY BASTARDS STOLE MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE’S IDEA: SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY slogs through Nickelback videos so we don’t have to. SBD reports today that Chuck Liddell, Little E, Wayne Gretzky and Grant Hill (demo fullfillment) appear in a Nickelback video called “Rockstar”.

And in a major shock, Jim Tressel fails to appear.

Now pardon us while we retire […]


Vick Judge Clears Monday Docket Coolest NBA White Guys

• Words cannot express the greatness of the ‘87 Twins, as evidenced at the end of this article from the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE:

• Pass the Velveeta and mayo, as THE GHOSTS OF WAYNE FONTES proudly present the coolest white guys of the NBA:

• AOL FANHOUSE schedules in the news that the judge in the Michael Vick […]


Dan Patrick Final Radio Show Preempted By Chris Bootcheck

PATRICK LAST DAY IN L.A. TRUMPED BY CHRIS BOOTCHECK: How big was Dan Patrick’s radio show in Los Angeles? The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports his final show today is being pre-empted by an inconsequential Angels baseball broadcast on ESPN’s KSPN-AM in Los Angeles.

SbB predicts Patrick will soon land on Sporting News Radio in a midday […]


Disgraced NBA Ref Donaghy Poses With Family

GAMBLING NBA REF LETS IT RIDE WITH FAMILY PHOTO-OP: The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS found disgraced NBA ref Tim Donaghy fleeing for his Florida home and apologizing for his actions - while posing with the dog and kids:

Donaghy plead guilty to gambling-related charges this week, admitting in court that he passed along inside […]


Paid Attendance For David Beckham Second Home Game 9223

PAID ATTENDANCE FOR BECKHAM HOME GAME #2 = 9,223: The L.A. TIMES reports a “surprisingly small crowd of 17,223” showed up Wednesday night for David Beckham’s second home game at the 27,000-seat Home Depot Center. And the SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE chimes in that “about 8,000 free tickets were distributed for the match.”
Photo of Beckham […]


Feds Give Michael Vick 9AM Deadline To Accept Plea Agreement

VICK HAS ‘TIL 9AM TO THROW-IN ON RUSH TO JUDGEMENT: The NEW YORK TIMES reports that the end is near for Michael Vick, as the Feds have set a 9am ET deadline today for Vick to accept a plea agreement.

If Vick, who is already charged with three felony counts related to dogfighting, doesn’t accept the […]


Baltimore Stadium Workers Go On Hunger Strike To Improve Wages

BALTO BALLPARK WORKERS’ PLIGHT BLOWIN’ IN THE WIND: The BALTIMORE SUN reports “11 current and former temporary workers who will begin a hunger strike Sept. 3 to secure higher wages for those who pick up the trash at Oriole Park at Camden Yards.”

The hunger strike is being organized by something called the “United Workers Association” […]