Invite Only Social Networking Website Claims Tiger Woods Paul Allen As Members

NOW SOMEONE CAN GIVE TIGER THE POKE HE DESERVES: BUSINESSWEEK’s Aili McConnon examines the invite-only social networking website, which claims to have Tiger Woods, Paul Allen, Naomi Campbell and Ivanka Trump as members.

Apparently the site boasts 250,000 members, and was founded by somone named Erik Wachtmeister. Wachtmeister calls the site a “high-end Zagat’s and […]


Phillies Tout PETA Recognition In Official Press Release

PHILLIES PANDER TO PETA’S KOOKS WITH PRESS RELEASE: You know you’re having another uninspiring season when, like the Phillies, you put out a press release trumpeting that the yoga-fried PETA burnouts have named your ballpark the “Most Vegetarian-Friendly Ballpark in North America.”

The only way for the forever mid-standings citizens to correct this faux-pas is to […]


Greg Norman Accused Of Starving Out Wife In Divorce Deal Standoff

WHEN DIVORCE DEAL IN DOUBT, “STARVE” THE WIFE OUT: Just when you thought things couldn’t get uglier between Mr. Chris Evert and his ex-wife, Greg Norman and his ex-wife Laura have gone and done it again.

Two months after we reported that the “Greg Norman’s oft-ugly divorce court proceeding is nearing finality, as he’s reportedly agreed […]


Harry Oliver R.I.P.; Game-Winning Kick Still Haunts Michigan Fans

LATE HARRY O’S BLOW WROUGHT UNTOLD WOE TO WOLVES: On Saturday, September 20, 1980, we were cramped into the family car, heading to a 5pm Saturday church service in Kansas City. My Dad, a graduate of Notre Dame, had the radio on, tuning toward the fade-n-out of Notre Dame football announcer Tony Roberts.

As we pulled […]


The Internet Is To Blame For NBA Players Infidelity

IF IT WASN’T FOR INTERNET, NBAERS WOULD BE CELIBATE: BOSSIP blindsides us with the news that unmarried NBA stars Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade have a hankering for women besides their Baby Mommas:

1) “Anthony, who has been engaged to TV personality LaLa Vasquez (who gave birth to their first child Kiyan in March) for ages […]


Offerman Attacks Player with Bat After Hit by Pitch

OFFERMAN BAT CONTROL TO FIND HOME IN (PRISON) YARD: The CONNECTICUT POST has the blow-by-blow details of former 15-year MLB player Jose Offerman attacking pitcher Matt Beech with a bat last night in an independent Atlantic League game at Bridgeport, CT.

The former two-time MLB all-star began the game by homering off Beech’s first pitch of […]


Brazilian Soccer Club Official Calls Rival Player Gay

BRAZIL SOCCER TEAM OFFICIAL CALLS RIVAL PLAYER GAY: Things are getting hot and spicy on the Brazilian soccer landscape, as a club official accuses a rival player of being gay - on national television, no less:

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED pinpoints the uproar beginning in June, when Jose Cyrillo Jr., director of the Palmeiras soccer club, was asked […]


Mother of Vladimir Guerrero Happy To Cook For All

VLAD’S MOM GLAD TO COOK IT UP & HOOK IT UP FOR ALL: Watch out, Mrs. McNabb - here’s a sports mom who really knows how to cook:

The ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER samples the scrumptions selections of Altagracia Alvino, mother to Angels star Vladimir Guerrero - and a maternal figure to many other MLB players from […]


Veterans Want NFL To Get Documents Regarding Pat Tillman Death

• The LONG BEACH PRESS-TELEGRAM reports some veterans are asking the NFL to help release government documents regarding Pat Tillman’s death:

• LA OBSERVED has the heartwarming story of a Tijuana intern turned sports reporter for the Los Angeles Times.
• SIGNAL TO NOISE checks their briefs, as Barry Bonds is wrangling up some lawyers.
• Headline from […]


Vince Young Suspension Due To Home Confinement

• HOME CONFINEMENT TO BLAME FOR YOUNG SUSPENSION? The NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN has the audacity to report Vince Young’s excuse for getting suspended for the Titans’ opening preseason game: “The second-year pro spent Friday night at home instead of at the team hotel. Players with less than four years experience are required to stay at the […]