Daisuke Matsuzaka Charges 450 Dollars For Signed Baseball

DICE-K SIGNED BALL = $449.99 (KANJI SOLD SEPARATELY): Darren Rovell, unlike his Wall Streeted counterparts at CNBC, is up long after the Final Bell as he reports on the substantial value Daisuke Matsuzaka is offering to the baseball collectible consumer:

“The price for a Matsuzaka signed baseball in English will be $449.99, while his signature with […]


Phil Rizzuto Passes On To The Big Money Store In The Sky

God Bless The Scooter …

… who is now in the big Money Store in the sky.


Salisbury08 Features Wild Mood Swing Mode Game Play

SALISBURY 08 HAS WILD MOOD SWING-MODE GAME PLAY! While all of you waste your time on something called MADDEN 08, we can hardly wait to sidle up to the sidewalk bin outside our local Odd Lots (Pacoima?) to get our mitts on SALISBURY 08.

JOE SPORTS FAN kept us going before the big release today, with […]


ESPN Editor Rob King Confirms Deadspin Will Remain Must Read

ESPN EDITOR CONFIRMS DEADSPIN TO REMAIN MUST-READ: SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL has an interview with new ESPN.com editor-in-chief Rob King and he proves to the world, with this clever quip, what a great hire he truly was: “We’re still charged with treating serious stuff seriously, which I think [Deadspin Editor Will Leitch] is pretty much committed not […]


Tiger Woods Designed Course Won’t Allow Golf Carts

BUICK-BRANDED GOLF CARTS PROBABLY NOT NEXT FOR TW: The AP reports “Tiger Woods made it official Tuesday — the world’s No. 1 golfer plans to design his first American course in the mountains of North Carolina.”

The fun part: The Cliffs course at High Carolina “will allow only walkers, something Woods said was key to the […]


Pacman Jones Didnt Give A Damn What NFL Commissioner Goodell Thought At Atlanta Strip Club

PACMAN: “DIDN’T GIVE A DAMN” WHAT GOODELL THOUGHT: SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY has a sneak of what has been touted as a hard-hitting interview of Pacman Jones by Bryant Gumbel tonight on HBO’s “Real Sports” (10pm ET). The only really noteworthy exchange came when Gumbel (who also works for the NFL Network) queried Jones about his […]


Lee Corso F-Bomb Live On ESPN College GameDay

COUNTDOWN TO KICKOFF & CORSO’S NEXT ON-AIR “FU–!“: College football season is rapidly approaching and you know what that means: Getting geared up for Lee Corso to make a complete ass of himself on the ESPN airwaves.

Brian Cook of AOL FANHOUSE unearths our favorite moment from ESPN’s College Football GameDay last season, as an off-camera […]


Hurricane Katrina Tax Breaks Help Pay For Nick Saban Bidet

LSU FANS WERE REALLY HOPING FOR A NICK SABAN BIDET: The AP reports Tuscaloosa, AL was somehow included in a geographic zone given gigantic Federal tax breaks for new construction - in the effort to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. The result: “With large swaths of the Gulf Coast still in ruins from Hurricane Katrina, rich […]


Victoria’s Secret To Get Into Sports Gear Business

VICTORIA’S SECRET GETTING INTO THE SPORTS BUSINESS: The WALL STREET JOURNAL reports Victoria’s Secret is “putting athletic wear in 30 of its stores this fall to test the potential of sports gear.”

Parent Limited, Inc. is also opening a free-standing store in Columbus, Ohio, in two weeks “to sell athletic clothes,” including yoga pants and sports […]


Hershey To Sponsor US Olympic Team

USOC TAKES THE HERSHEY HIGHWAY TO A NEW SPONSOR: SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY munches on the news that Hershey will sign a one-year deal to sponsor the US Olympic Team.

The deal between the confectionary conglomerate and the US Olympic Committee is said to be worth about seven figures. Once the agreement is finalized, expect to […]