PGA Championship Fans Not Allowed Certain Brands Of Bottled Water On Course

AQUAFINA AGUA TO BLAME FOR FAN DEHYDRATION AT PGA: KOTV in Tulsa has a “it’s really hot!” piece on the PGA Championship at Southern Hills. And the station also unwittingly provides us with a smoking gun if granny drops dead while following Fred Funk on his appointed rounds.

KOTV reports if fans don’t bring in a […]


John Daly Wines Rolled Out To Help Golfer Kick Sobriety Habit

2007 WASN’T A GOOD YEAR FOR JOHN DALY’S SOBRIETY: John Daly, who has checked into the Betty Ford alcohol rehab clinic three times, has had a well-chronicled battle with alcohol over the years.

SbB recently posted his ill-advised Max-Fli commercial which features Daly indulging in an adult beverage or three on the golf course and in […]


Barry Bonds Official Website Offers Fans Chance To Leave Him Voicemail

WE KNOW HOW GREG ANDERSON SPENT HIS 1 PHONE CALL: NETWORK WORLD discovers a great new feature on Barry Bonds’ official website: “Barry’s official Web site has teamed up with reQall to let people leave a voice message for Barry Bonds.”

You get a full 15 seconds to curse a blue streak congratulate Mr. Bonds and […]


Mark Richt High Dive Back Flip From 33 Foot Platform Wows Players

BULLDOGS’ ANNUAL DIVE STARTED EARLIER THIS SEASON: Thanks to an affinity for Svedka vodka and sleep, we ended up attending summer school twice at the University of Georgia, while living in un-air conditioned dorms.
So our hearts were warmed when we read that Georgia football coach Mark Richt postponed practice for our Bulldogs yesterday, and instead […]


Tony Romo Bugged By Cockroach, Pam Oliver Bugged By Fox Producer

ROMO & REPORTER BUGGED DURING FOX GAME INTERVIEW: If the NFL thing doesn’t work out, Cowboys QB Tony Romo can always rent himself out as a roach motel:

During the waning moments of a meaningful less preseason tilt between the ‘Boys & Colts, Romo was chatting with Fox sideline reporter Pam Oliver, when a cockroach was […]


Chris Rix Uses Power Of Prayer To Serve Federal Subpeona On Blogger

GOD COMMANDED CHRIS RIX TO SMITE SPORTS BLOGGER: FLASH WARNER fills us in on the laugh-a-minute latest regarding Chris Rix, the former, failed Florida State quarterback we’ve all forgotten about (except Burt Reynolds’ personal assistant).
14 months ago Warner had an epic post on BLOG CRITICS (and her own site) detailing a sports academy that Rix […]


ESPN Ignores Facts After Getting Skunked By Sports Illustrated

ESPN = FACE-SAVING MORE IMPORTANT THAN ACCURACY: THE BIG LEAD got us thinking more about the Jermaine O’Neal festival of misquotations last Sunday in Los Angeles. SbB was the first major sports blog to link to Arash Markazi’s piece about O’Neal saying he would welcome a trade to L.A. We also noted at the […]


Baron Davis Desperate For Housewife Teri Hatcher

• Following in the footsteps of Tony Parker, YARDBARKER reports that the Warriors’ Baron Davis is Desperate for Housewife Teri Hatcher:

• THE SPORTS GOD feels a bit drowsy in listing the 10 Most Boring Sports Events.
• Reggie Miller’s not the only one looking for a comeback, as SPORTS ILLUSTRATED notes Penny’s back with Shaq.
• Matt […]


Jack Wilson Is Everywhere On Yahoo Sports

D-RAYS PLAYER WILSON JACKS YAHOO! SPORTS WEBSITE: SbB bird dog Mike in Tennessee spots the most underrated player in baseball today, Jack Wilson (at least according to Yahoo Sports):

He’s everywhere!


Tiger Woods Wagers John Smoltz He Can Get More Victories

WOODS WAGES HE’LL BE MORE VICTORIOUS THAN SMOLTZ: John Smotlz of the Atlanta Braves may be a good pitcher, but Tiger Woods is better:

The ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION reports Smoltz has a “friendly” competition going on with the Golfer Formerly Known as Eldrick. The former Cy Young winner recently spilled the beans to a radio station […]