Frank Deford Dubious About Facts In Sports Blogs

MR. DEFORD MAY JUST GET HIS FACTS STRAIGHT, SOMEDAY: THE BIG PICTURE has a Q & A with Tyrannosaurus-toothed Frank DeFord today. And in major upset, our favorite three-fingers-of-Cutty for lunch, dinosaur media member doesn’t have a much of a taste for sports blogs.

The Big Picture to Deford: “What do you think of sports blogs? […]


Pacman Jones To Appear On TNA Wrestling Show Tonight

PACMAN AND BECKS MUST HAVE SAME CONTRACT CLAUSE: Everyone’s favorite 11-time loser, Pacman Jones, will be seen tonight on something called “Total Nonstop Action Wrestling’s ‘Impact’“. The show airs on Spike TV (you needed to ask?) at 9:00pm ET but Pacman will not wrestle due to contract restrictions (we’re starting to wonder if Beckham has […]


Tom Brady Cover Athlete For Backyard Football08

TOM BRADY READY TO DROP INTO VIDEOGAME BUSINESS: Videogame maker Humungous Inc. announced today that Tom Brady will be the cover athlete for it’s 2008 football game for kids, “Backyard Football ‘08“.

Funny, when we think of Brady, kids and humungous, videogames really don’t come to mind at the moment.


Report: Jessica Alba Got Herpes From Derek Jeter

WE’VE JUST FOUND OUR FAVORITE NEW WEBSITE ADDRESS: We’re relieved to know LARRY BROWN SPORTS listens to Adam Carolla so we don’t have to - and look what LB got out of that early morning experience today:

“I was listening to The Adam Carolla Show this morning and heard a report that I just had to […]


Mark Cuban Blames Internet And Media For Barry Bonds Disdain

MARK CUBAN REVEALS WHY WE ALWAYS ADORED TY COBB: Hoodwinking Yahoo billionaire Mark Cuban has done it again. He’s opened our eyes to the real reason we all have such disdain and disgust for the huge-helmeted one:
“Barry Bonds has had the misfortune of winding up his career and tying the record in the generation […]


Kobe Bryant Desperate To Douse Divorce Rumors

BRYANT DENIES DIVORCE, SO WHY DON’T WE BELIEVE HIM? We’ve got an innocent question for you today: When was the last time you saw Kobe Bryant front and center for the same paparazzi that photographs throwaway famewhores like Spears and Lohan?
Your answer: Uh, never.

That is, until last night, when Bryant and his bride Vanessa had […]


Jets Listen To Mozart Mike Cuban A Lot Like Elton John

• Block me, Amadeus: LARRY BROWN SPORTS enjoys some classic(al) football, as the Jets are using Mozart in their practices:

• INDY SPORTS BLOG dresses for success, as Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis admits, “There are guys that look really good in shorts.”
• AOL FANHOUSE reports ESPN may finally realize that people really, really, really don’t […]


Steelers New Mascot Bears Remarkable Resemblance To Bill Cowher

WE’LL TAKE THIS OVER A FURRY, BIG-HEADED CHUCK NOLL: We know the Steelers miss Bill Cowher, but this is a little ridiculous:

Yesterday the Steelers officially introduced a new target for beer bottles mascot called “Steely McBeam”:

The name for mascot, which bears a remarkable resemblance to Bill Cowher, was chosen from 70,000 entries and the winner […]


Saints LB Slips and Slides To Injury After Water Park Visit

NEW ORLEANS SAINT SLIP ‘N’ SLIDES TO INJURED RESERVE: A New Orleans Saints linebacker went to visit a water park, and all he got were these stupid crutches:

Scott Fujita showed up at the training camp’s cafeteria hobbling on a wrapped foot, a day after the team took a trip to Rapids on the Reservoir. He […]


Colorado Priest Caught Running Naked At High School Track

PRIEST CAUGHT OUTSIDE JOGGING JUST AS GOD MADE HIM: A Catholic priest in Colorado is facing charges for running naked at a high school track:

The DENVER POST gets the skinny on Rev. Robert Whipkey, who was found by Frederick police in the wee hours of June 22 walking the streets sans-clothing.
Whipkey said he was returning […]