Lance Armstrong Dennis Rodman Eddie Vedder On Stage At Lollapollo

RIDING RODMAN WHILE ARMSTRONG “DANCES LIKE A GIRL“: THE BIG LEAD gives us good reason to cancel our plans to attend the 2008 Lollapalooza festival, with this account of the climax of the weekend in Chicago:

“The strangest sighting was Sunday night at the Pearl Jam show. During the encore, they decided to let people […]


African-American Soccer Player Greeted With Monkey Chants At Game

SOCCER PLAYER SUBJECT TO RACIST TAUNTS DURING GAME: While Michael Vick supporters are busy playing the fake race card, we’ve found a case of genuine racism in sports (monkey chants on the field?!).

African-American soccer player DaMarcus Beasley heard such insults during a European Champions League qualifying match on Tuesday. Beasley, a midfielder for Scottish […]


Maria Sharapova Loves The In-n-Out Burgers Danica Patrick Loses Hair With Race Win

• PART MULE salivates over the news that Maria Sharapova loves the In-n-Out…Burgers:

• David Hiltbrand of the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER sadly reports that you can’t rely on ESPN to beat the summer TV doldrums anymore.• The CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER hops off the bench to play for everyone’s favorite coach, Pete Carroll.
• She can always join Terry […]


What Baseball Players Like to Hear For Themselves

NOW BATTING, (INSERT PLAYER HERE) - HIT THE MUSIC!: It’s an age-old question asked by and to baseball fans throughout the land: What would be your entrance music?

THROWBOT runs down some of the choice licks selected by certain sluggers and southpaws who want all 50,000 in attendance to know what’s on their iPod at the […]


San Francisco Comes Through With Unwavering Support Of Bonds

WE WOULDN’T HAVE WATCHED BUT WE NEED A NIGHTLIGHT: On this historic day in baseball history, as residents of Los Angeles, we’d like to salute our esteemed neighbors to the north in San Francisco.

It’s comforting to know that the folks in Frisco maintained a rock-solid modicum of dignity and integrity in their eternal, unwavering support […]


We Dont Have The Will To Stomach Another Ferrell Sports Movie

NO WILL TO STOMACH ANOTHER FERRELL SPORTS COMEDY: CINEMATICAL helps fire up the buzz about Will Ferrell’s next movie:

No, the flick isn’t about neck hair electrolysis. Instead, we’re talking about a serious subject in the SbB household: ABA basektball.
Early next year, Ferrell and “Old School” screenwriter Scot Armstrong will give us a script which features […]


Allison Stokkes Absurd Array Of Media Reaction

WE PREFER OUR POLE VAULTER MEAT LIVE, AND VERY RARE: Talk a wild guess who said what in the media about Allison Stokke this morning (will this EVER end?):

“I think she’s beginning to realize that she can bring some attention to her sport because she’s attractive. I think she’s OK with that, but at the […]


Oregon Ducks Looking To Play Football Game In China

PEKING DUCKS? U OF OREGON LOOKING TO PLAY IN CHINA: Just as the NFL has gone international by holding games in Mexico and London, the college boys are looking to do the same:

The PORTLAND OREGONIAN reports the University of Oregon is working to schedule the first-ever U.S. college football game in China. With the […]