Michael Irvin To Join Dan Partrick In Radio Free Oblivion

MICHAEL IRVIN SET TO PIPE UP ON PATRICK RADIO SHOW?: Larry Brown is the Raisin Bran of sports bloggers today, with two scoops:
• Michael Irvin may appear on Dan Patrick’s syndicated radio show.

Too bad no legitimate radio station in a Top 30 market will clear the show live (1790AM overnights on tape delay in […]


Dog Barks At Barry Bonds On CNN Video

VIDEO PROVES BONDS NOT ONLY ONE WHO NEEDS A WALK: As we perused CNN videos today of the Minnesota bridge disaster, the war in Iraq and George Bush’s latest Jerry Coleman malaprop moment, we discovered this gem:

That sums up how we all feel about Barry Bonds’ home run chase better than any growling, jowled BBWAA […]


Jermaine ONeal Says He Would Welcome Trade To Lakers

JERMAINE O’NEAL WOULD “WELCOME TRADE TO LAKERS“: Arash Markazi has the lead on SI.com at the moment, as he reports that Jermaine O’Neal of the Indiana Pacers wants a trade to the Lakers: “I would welcome a trade to the Lakers. Indiana has given me the opportunity to establish myself as a really good […]


Pacman Jones Signs TNA Wrestling Contract

PACMAN READY TO WRESTLE AS PRO TO “RELIEVE STRESS“: Ross Forman of USA TODAY breaks the news that Pacman Jones has signed (against the wishes of the Titans) to wrestle for the TNA organization: “He will make his first TNA appearance Thursday (Spike TV, 9 p.m. ET/PT). His first match will be no later than […]


Orange County Register Health Violation Hit Piece On Los Angeles Angels

ORANGE COUNTY OUTLET TRASHES “LOS ANGELES” ANGELS: The ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER delivered a bonecrushing hit piece on the Angels Sunday, as the newspaper reported that Angels Stadium was cited for “118 vermin violations that county officials logged at stadium kiosks and restaurants over the last 2½ years.

“Of those reports, 33 represent ‘major’ violations, in which […]


Desperate Housewives Want David Beckham Robbie Williams For Gay Couple Role

BECKHAM DESPERATE TO BEND(OVER) FOR “HOUSEWIVES”? Various entertainment blogs are reporting that “Desperate Housewives” creator Marc Cherry is planning to introduce a gay male couple into the plotline of the show for next season.

And in an apparent effort to make the cast as authentic as possible, Cherry is hoping to sign David Beckham and Robbie […]


Kevin James Named Daughter After Shea Stadium

WE SURE HOPE THIS WON’T INSPIRE PHOENIX COYOTES FANS: Chris Yandek of TheSportsInterview.com has an interview with Kevin James, who reveals he named his newborn daughter “Shea” after our favorite dilapidated MLB ballpark in Queens.

Yandek: “Did you really name your second daughter Shea after Shea Stadium, and if so, I think all male diehard sports […]


Courteney Cox and David Arquette Sell House to Dodgers Owners

DODGERS OWNERS LOVE TO RECEIVE COX-ARQUETTE PAD: Frank and Jamie McCourt are changing addresses, as the Dodgers owners are buying a house from Courteney Cox & David Arquette:

The cliff-top Malibu mansion is exchanging hands for a price tag of over $30 million, three times the amout the Cox-Arquettes put down on the place six years […]


More Athletes Using Personal Blogs To Speak Their Mind

ATHLETES TAKING IT TO THE PEOPLE THROUGH BLOGGING: The sports blog nation keeps growing and growing, as more athletes are taking a more direct route to the fans with their personal sites:

The LOS ANGELES TIMES tells how sports stars are turning to their blogs to speak their minds and tell it like they think it […]


Steve Spurrier Votes For Duke In Coaches Poll Threatens to Leave Gamecocks

SPURRIER VOTES FOR DUKE, VOTING TO LEAVE ‘COCKS?: Steve Spurrier, is stirring up the pot yet again. This time, the cauldron is the college football coaches poll.

In the USA Today/ESPN preseason poll, the Ol’ Ball Coach voted Duke at his #25 spot. The same Duke that’s currently on a 20-game losing streak. […]