Lloyd Carr Michael Hart Beatdown Jim Harbaugh Over Academic Accusations

IT’S OFFICIAL - HARBAUGH A PERFECT FIT FOR STANFORD: We recently heard Jim Harbaugh on KLAC-AM’s kickass afternoon show “PMS” in Los Angeles, and he came off as a colossal douchenozzle. In other words, Stanford got their man!

And apparently, we’re not the only ones who think Harbaugh is a dick. Count Lloyd Carr and […]


Steinbrenner Son Hank Wants To Get Rid Of My Father

YANKS’ NEXT MONARCH POISED: “GET RID OF MY FATHER“: The ghastly condition of George Steinbrenner is confirmed in a piece by Franz Lidz in the September issue of CONDE NASTE PORTFOLIO.

In an (unauthorized) brief visit with the turtlenecked-one, Lidz writes of Steinbrenner: “His body is bloated; his jawline has slackened into a triple chin; his […]


Pete Rose Reports On Joe Dimaggios Soaped Up Wang To Seven Year Olds

ROSE BETS KIDS WANT TO HEAR ABOUT DIMAGGIO’S WANG: The CINCINNATI ENQUIRER has a real shocker for us, reporting Pete Rose’s recent visit to a baseball camp for 7-to-14 year olds in the Cincinnati area didn’t go so well.

The U.S. Army sponsored the camp, and Staff Sergeant Steven Tischer characterized Rose’s comments and behavior as […]


Serena Williams Doesnt Let Injury Prevent Appearance At Album Release Party

SERENA WILLIAMS NEEDS 222-2222 ON HER SPEED DIAL: The lost soul that is Serena Williams turned up at something called the “Common’s Finding Forever Album Release Event” this week in Los Angeles:

Meanwhile, we learn that Williams has already pulled out of the L.A. WTA tour stop next week because of, you guessed it, an injury […]


Female KU Soccer Players Make Our Titlist

NO, THIS ISN’T ABOUT MANGINO’S NEWEST SEXUAL FETISH: This week’s Artie Lange Memorial Post (lowest common denominator humor) comes courtesy of the LAWRENCE (KS) JOURNAL-WORLD:

The headline noted that “Kansas University soccer players Monica Dolinsky and Emily Cressy earned gold medals at the U.S. Youth Soccer Nationals.”

We suppose the headline could’ve been worse, like this one […]


New Irish QB May Be Out For Year Ichiro Gets Crazy

• HEISMAN PUNDIT worries about Charlie Weis’ future, as star Irish QB signee Jimmy Clausen may be damaged goods:

• The Lowell Spinners know not to offend, as the minor league team held a “Politically Correct Night”.
• SLATE sees something lost in the translation, as Ichiro’s observations are getting more bizarre.
• LARRY BROWN SPORTS comes to […]


Allison Stokke Shuns Attention By Appearing On ESPN Radio In Studio

STOKKE STILL SHUNS ATTENTION WITH ESPN APPEARANCE: Allison Stokke, who has ridden a wave of internet popularity (which was started by WITH LEATHER and a certain SoCal sports blog), showed just how media shy she was Wednesday afternoon, as she guested in-studio with Steve Mason and John Ireland on KSPN-AM in Los Angeles.

The only mildly […]


Baseball Bigwigs Starting to Take Sports Bloggers Seriously

BASEBALL BIGWIGS BECOMING BELIEVERS OF BLOGGERS: SEATTLE WEEKLY presents yet one more example of how sports bloggers are getting taken more seriously in the pro sports community:

Last June, Seattle baseball fan Dave Cameron wrote in his U.S.S. MARINER blog an open letter to Mariner pitching coach Rafael Chaves. In the post, Cameron advised Chaves […]


Vinnie Jones Not Impressed With David Beckham U.S. Arrival

VNNIE JONES NOT AWE-STRUCK BY BECKHAM’S ARRIVAL: Former soccer player-turned-actor Vinnie Jones isn’t too impressed with David Beckham’s U.S. invasion:

JANET CHARLTON’S HOLLYWOOD notes that when asked about Becks’ big arrival in America, Jones responded, “Well, he’s only coming to look after Posh’s handbag, isn’t he?”
The scandalous striker made a name for himself in the English […]


Tank Johnson Doesn’t Blame Bears For Release

AFTER RELEASE, TANK THANKS BEARS FOR THEIR SUPPORT: Over a month after being waived, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED finds that Tank Johnson apparently has no bad feelings toward the Bears organization:

Chicago decommissioned Tank on June 25, three days after Johnson was pulled over in Arizona for speeding. It was just the latest in many brushes with […]