Allison Stokke To Make In Studio Appearance At Los Angeles Radio Station

• STOKKE STILL RESISTS MEDIA (WITH ESPN APPEARANCE): Allison Stokke continues to garner *unwanted* media attention today as she appears in-studio at 5pm PT on KSPN-AM’s Mason and Ireland show in Los Angeles (we know, this post is worthless without pics).

• PGA Tour player K.J. Choi says that if he wins the PGA’s new FedEx […]


Dodger Will Let Bonds React To Record For One Or Two Minutes

BONDS GONE IN 60 SECONDS IF HR RECORD BROKEN IN L.A.: We in L.A. will be watching again tonight as Melonhead mucks up the field just north of our beloved four-level traffic ensnarlment.

The LOSS ANGELES TIMES reports today the Dodgers will have the good sense to acknowledge Barry Bonds’ possible 755th or 756th home […]


Philadelphia Eagles Fans Crash Dallas Cowboys Practice

IGGLES FANS STOP BY TO REMEMBER THE ALAMO(DOME): Some unexpected visitors showed up during the Dallas Cowboys training camp,


Talkshow Caller Asks OJ Simpson If He Killed Bill Walsh

TALKSHOW CALLER TO OJ: “DID YOU KILL BILL WALSH?” Matt Leinart’s personal PR machine (TMZ) has some wonderful footage of an internet video interview with O.J. Simpson last night. Thankfully, the calls that came into the show were completely unscreened, so the Suitcase-headed one bore the brunt of his adoring fans.

Some of the questions he […]


Christine Daniels Serves Our Wide Array Of Needs

LAT’S DANIELS SERVICES VAST ARRAY OF READER’S NEEDS: Last night for the first time this season, we actually watched a Dodger game of our own volition. In other words, the game wasn’t the only teevee choice at our favorite westside watering hole.

But while we have our own thoughts on Barry Bonds’ rather confused, impotent performance, […]


Serena Williams Takes A Bath Donovan McNabb Loves A BBQ

• THE BASTARDLY’S goggles, they do nothing in hiding these images of Serena Williams taking a bath:

• Donovan McNabb tempts us with some sound advice over on his blog: Everyday should end with a barbecue:

• Jay Hart of the ALLENTOWN (PA) MORNING CALL is none too impressed with ESPN’s return to NASCAR.


Racing Champ Must Take Drivers Ed After Losing License

F1 CAR CHAMP LOSES LICENSE, SKIDS INTO TRAFFIC CLASS: A former Formula One racing champ is in the pits after losing his driver’s license:

REUTERS reports that Nelson Piquet had his license revoked in his native Brazil for too many violations on his checkered driving record. Now the three-time F1 World Champion has just started […]


Lasorda Spotted 700 Miles From Cooperstown En Route To Ceremonies

LASORDA LIKELY SHOULD’VE BOOKED ‘NEVERLOST’ OPTION: A religion-based blog reports a bizarro Tommy Lasorda sighting last Friday in Winona Lake, IN. Our favorite closet perv was observed chatting up a Pastor’s wife (new fetish?) at a diner in the rural Indiana town - apparently “enroute with a group to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, […]


Titans Training Camp Has Lendale White Sweating Gravy

TITANS TRAINING CAMP HAS LENDALE SWEATING GRAVY: With NFL training camp in full swing, we thought we’d get our pro football game face on by reliving this epic post by LOSER WITH SOCKS entitled “A Day In The Life Of LenDale White“.

9:00- “Wake up and groggily roll out of bed. Notices the pillow looks […]