Strawberry Snorts Up Courage To Write New Book

Darryl Strawberry must have figured if Jose Canseco can get two books published, why can’t he get at least one on the Barnes & Noble shelves?

Darryl Strawberry smile mugshot

(Which shot makes a better author’s photo for the inside cover?)

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that the former major leaguer & drug abuser is working on his memoirs, tentatively entitled “Straw”, which is set for a 2009 release. So, what can readers expect from Darryl’s diaries?

According to the publisher’s press release, Strawberry’s scribblings “details his life growing up in Crenshaw, Los Angeles, his rise to baseball superstardom as a Met, Dodger, and Yankee, the high life and low life, his brushes with the law, his triumphant battle over cancer, his religious awakening, and his marriage to the love of his life.”

Fascinating. But why decide to write a book now? The IRS might be the explanation, as Strawberry owes over $430,000 in back taxes, including penalties & interest.

So, a hefty book advance and a few good sales over at Amazon could help Darryl come a long way in climbing out of his financial hole.

Or he can just spend it all on some more coke.