Darren Dreifort Dating Sportsradio Host Fernandez

I first heard sportsradio personality Krystal Fernandez a few years ago when she was an on-air contributor to Andrew Siciliano’s L.A.-based nationally syndicated Fox Sports Radio show. Like Siciliano, she’s since moved on from FSR, now working on Jorge Sedano’s morning show on 790 The Ticket in Miami.

Darren Dreifort currently dating Krystal Fernandez

But though she now lives in Miami, I recently learned that she’s struck up a dating relationship with a former Dodger in Southern California. 

During a recent conversation with a Los Angeles-based media member, I was told the 37-year-old Fernandez was now dating former Dodger Pitcher Darren Dreifort.

Jorge Sedano Krystal Fernandez 790 The Ticket in Miami

(Fernandez currently contributes to Sedano’s Miami morning show)

So I looked up Fernandez’s Facebook account and sure enough, her profile photo included Dreifort.

I then inquired to Fernandez about the relationship via email, and she replied, “Yes, Darren and I are dating. He’s a great guy.”

The 37-year-old Dreifort, who to date has undergone 22 surgeries(!), is divorced with three kids and lives in the L.A. area.

Fernandez has know Dreifort dating back to his days with the Dodgers, but they’ve only been dating the last few months. Who knows what’ll happen between the two, but I’m confident in saying their timing is good. Can’t imagine Dreifort would’ve dated a sportsradio personality when he was in the midst of the injury-plagued, five-year, $55M deal for which he’ll always be known.