Darrell Arthur’s Wild Ride at the 2008 NBA Draft

As the NBA Draft started last night, the story was Derrick Rose vs. Michael Beasley with a little Heat mixed in. As the evening ended, though, two stories captivated draft devotees. First, the Trade of Extraordinarily Bad Contracts that moved Kevin Love from Memphis to Minnesota and O.J. Mayo vice versa before you could say “Wonder GMs Unite: Form of Inexplicable Trade!”

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

However, we come to you with the story of one Darrell Arthur, whose night had more twists and turns than a Disneyland “C” ticket ride. Rumors about his kidneys caused him to spend quality time in the Green Room, only to eventually be selected… and traded three times before dawn.

Luke Winn at SI has the best explanation of Arthur’s night, including the (likely) false positive indicator about possible kidney issues a few days before the draft and how the bad information chased the good information clean out of the state. It’s not entirely clear that the health issues dropped him like a kidney stone to the 27th spot, but it didn’t help.

Then Arthur was traded from New Orleans to Portland to Houston to Memphis by 2 am ET. We hope no one woke him for the last trade because there’s no reason to believe it will be the last. Memphis has a glut of tall people and ball-handling people and probably isn’t done… doing whatever the hell it is they’re doing.

NBA executives aren’t paid to make young athletic men feel better about themselves; that’s just a by-product of giving out contracts to perform tasks. Therefore, we don’t expect them to take this poor guy’s feelings into account.

Still, we wouldn’t be surprised to find Arthur on Halloween taking the role of team leader for the Oklahoma City Dehumanized Commodities at Publicly Financed But Corporately Named Boondoggle Arena.

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