Darius Miles, Dennis Dixon Love The Strip Clubs

PORTLAND OREGONIAN badass (we mean that in a complimentary way) John Canzano has a piece today on why he wants Portland Trailblazer Darius … Miles Out Of Town.

Dennis Dixon Darius Miles Strip Club

Canzano makes a fine case on why dead weight-Darius should retire. But more interesting is Canzano detailing Miles’ recent visit to a local strip club - with Oregon QB Dennis Dixon.


The exotic dancers working the late shift at Dolphin II Gentlemen’s Club in Beaverton on Saturday evening were delighted when Trail Blazers forward Darius Miles showed up, carrying banded stacks of 50 one-dollar bills.

Miles and the members of his entourage, which included former Oregon Ducks quarterback Dennis Dixon, spent the night moving between three stages, removing the bands and tossing the stacks in the air, sending a shower of loose bills fluttering down on the dancers.

“It’s raining!” someone shouted. At one point, a dancer had so many one-dollar bills on the stage around her, she asked a bouncer for a paper sack. Miles also had someone request a song from the DJ, according to a patron. Which is how the University of Oregon fight song ended up being played while women gyrated on stage and Miles threw dollar bills, laughed, pumped his fist and slapped backs with a former Heisman Trophy candidate before disappearing into the VIP room.

We’re quite sure that the anecdote will no doubt elevate Dennis Dixon’s future NFL draft status.