Darius McClure’s Gus Frerotte Moment Kills FSU

Myron Rolle is a Rhodes Scholarship Finalist. His Florida State teammate, Darius McClure, is definitely not. In fact, he’s not even going to be sharing the field with Rolle anymore, thanks to one of the worst-executed celebrations we’ve seen in college football in a long time.

Darius McClure 3

Kids, this is what an idiot looks like when he tears his knee.

According to THE TALLAHASSEE DEMOCRAT, McClure suffered a season — and college career — ending knee injury late in Florida State’s loss to Boston College last Saturday. That would be sad story, except for the fact that McClure injured it celebrating an interception, leaping up to shoulder bump the significantly larger Toddrick Verdell (Toddrick? Really?) and landing wrong when he hit the turf. FSU isn’t announcing whether he tore his ACL or PCL, or if he just has significant cartilage damage, but whatever he did, McClure is definitely done.

On a stupidity scale, McClure’s injury may not quite match up to Ted Ginn Jr. in the BCS National Championship, Bill Gramattica (No. 1 on this list) or Gus Frerotte’s infamous headbutt, but it’s up there.

And just like the prior Ginn Jr. and Frerrote injuries, this one is devastating. Florida State is already missing its other safety, Myron Rolle, for at least some of Saturday’s game against Maryland because Rolle is interviewing for a Rhodes Scholarship in Birmingham, Ala. The team is flying Rolle from Birmingham to College Park by private plane after the winner of the scholarship is announced, but that could come as late as 6 p.m., which will make him unlikely to hit the field until the second half, at the earliest.

What does that mean for Florida State? Well, it means they’re strikingly susceptible to Maryland’s passing attack thanks to the shocking intelligence and overwhelming stupidity of their safeties. If this video of fellow Seminoles defensive back Tony Carter right after the loss is any indication, the rest of the Florida State defense may tend to be closer to McClure than Rolle on the IQ scale. After all, Carter didn’t even acknowledge that McClure was injured when asked about his interception.