Dara Torres Will Make You Crash Your Helicopter

Remember that weird-ass plane crash that happened over the Hudson River earlier this weekend? Helicopter meets plane meets fireball of death?

Dara Torres copter crash

Turns out one of our most beloved Olympic heroes was closer to the crash than we might have imagined. Dara Torres, of all people, was two days away from adding “the late” to the front of her name. According to NBC SPORTS, Torres was waiting for a plane in New York and took the opportunity to take a tour with her daughter. Fortunately, she did it on a Thursday:

Torres tells The Associated Press she took her 3-year-old daughter, Tessa, on a tour last Thursday during a stopover in New York after the world swimming championships. The helicopter belonged to Liberty Tours and was flown by 32-year-old Jeremy Clarke.

Two days later, Clarke was at the controls when a helicopter collided with a small plane, sending both aircraft into the river and killing all nine people aboard.

And look, we’re sure it was a traumatic moment of realization, but we have to take a little bit of exception to this:

Torres learned Monday that her pilot was the same one killed in the crash. She says she was “kind of freaked out” and adds “it just wasn’t my time yet.”

Freaked out? Naturally. We’d be the same. But it wasn’t her time yet? Sorry, but isn’t that a little presumptuous? It’s appropriate to be deferential to God, but just as His motives are notoriously unknown (and well-accepted as such),who is Torres or anyone else to determine when their “time” is or if they’ve even got one?

Maybe this isn’t the right time to dig up the entire philosophical argument that has run through different sects of Christianity over the last few centuries or anything, but if we were all subject to the unknown but definite “times” assigned to us by God, well, health care would be a waste of money and our deaths would more closely resemble the near-cartoonish Final Destination series than ER.

In other words, Torres doesn’t need to ascribe any aspects of her situation as otherworldly in order to recognize her good fortune (plus, even better fortune and blessing from God? Not being anywhere near the helicopter to begin with). All that’s worth appreciating is already right in front of her.