Danyelle Sargent’s Ex-NBA Head Coach Boyfriend

Yeah, none of us would probably know who Danyelle Sargent is if she hadn’t been on the receiving end of Mike Francesa’s gleeful cheap shot a few weeks back. I haven’t confirmed that she’s been officially pulled of NFL sideline duty, if you know something, shoot me an email and I’ll update the post.

Danyelle Sargent Kendra Wilkinson

(”Psst, Danyelle, Hef’s not dead yet”)

Anyway, she’s apparently got some very cute friends. And she also happens to be in a relationship with a former NBA head coach. More pics and coach’s identity after the jump.

Sargent is dating Eric Musselman, former coach of the Warriors and reluctant blogger. *High Fives EMuss*

Danyelle Sarget is dating Ex-NBA Coach Eric Musselman

(What, you were expecting Gin Belly Nellie?)

Upon listening to Sargent’s interviews after her Bill Walsh blooper, she seems like a nice lady. And with that height, she’s a good post-up partner to boot.

Couple more cute pics:

Danyelle Sargent and Cute Frieds

Danyelle Sargent