Danny Ware Too Distraught To Care About Traffic

Going into Saturday night, I kind of saw the Georgia Bulldogs loss to the Alabama Crimson Tide coming. Going into the game, the Bulldogs were undefeated, but they hadn’t really beaten up on anybody like a top three team is supposed to. The Tide on the other hand were steamrolling over their opponents, including some ranked teams. Yet, somehow, the entire notion that the Bulldogs might lost to Alabama never crept into the minds of any Georgia fans, so after getting embarrassed between the hedges, they had no idea how to react.

The logos are a nice touch

Some fans just sat there in stunned silence, while others decided to drown their sorrows in the sweet, soothing taste of alcohol. One of the those who chose the drinking route was former Bulldog and current New York Giants running back Danny Ware. Unfortunately for Danny, when he gets drunk he forgets all about the important things like traffic flow.


At about 2:25 a.m. after the game, police said that Ware and a 24-year-old woman “stood in the street talking and traffic had to steer around.” It was this odd behavior that prompted police to investigate. Ware admitted he was drinking and submitted to a breath test where he logged a substantial BAC of .152. Police did not reveal if Ware let out a “Woof, woof, woof!” before the mugshot was snapped, but based on the amount of booze in his system, it’s entirely possible.

Now, in Danny’s defense, he could have just been confused. It could turn out that this whole incident is the school’s fault. After all, they were the ones calling for this game to be a blackout. How was Danny supposed to know they meant wear black shirts, not drink until you blackout?