Danny Bonaduce To Get Face Caved In By Vai Sikahema

CORNERMAN REUBEN KINCAID HAS WORK CUT OUT FOR HIM: Dan Gross of the PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS reports that the picture of sporting health, Danny Bonaduce, is going to fight former Philadelphia Eagle Vai Sikahema in a boxing match.

Danny Bonaduce

Gross doesn’t really explain why Bonaduce plans to get crumpled by Sikahema at something called Marple Sports Arena (sounds like a Spinal Tap venue). But the former Iggle kicker returner, who is now a TV sports guy in Philly, isn’t sweating it.The 45-year-old Sikahema, who played eight years in the NFL and was a Golden Gloves boxer as a youth said, “I’ll annihilate him. I don’t discount how crazy he is, and I know he fancies himself a tough guy.”

Danny Bonaduce

Three-pack-a-day smoker Bonaduce, 48, hasn’t heard of Sikahema and when it was mentioned that he was a special-teams player in the NFL, the drug-addled desperado said: “Special teams, huh? I’m pretty sure he’s from the Special Olympics. Is he gonna take his helmet off before he gets in the ring?”With funny boners like that, no wonder CBS gainfully employs Bonaduce on Adam Carolla’s stuck-in-neutral morning show. Yawn.

And very surprisingly, the Daily News doesn’t mention the undercard: Reuben Kincaid vs. Chuck Bednarik. Now THAT’s a fight we like to see.