Athlete Twitter Fail #362: Celtic Makes Vick Joke

Our story so far: Pro athletes are out of control with Twitter, embarrassing themselves and their organizations at an unprecedented rate. We’re going to need a Presidential decree to stop it at this point, I fear. Mr. Obama, you need to act now. Health reform can wait. The latest to enter the SbB Social Networking Hall of Fail: Marquis Daniels of the Boston Celtics.

Marquis Daniels

CELTIC HUB happened to notice on Wednesday that Daniels had tweeted a rather discomforting message to one of his readers. Unfortunately, as Twitter is available to read by everyone (you knew that, but pro athletes apparently do not), what was apparently a crude joke is now out there for everyone to enjoy. Dog lovers and Michael Vick fans may not be amused:

From Henry Abbott at TRUE HOOP:

Last night, Zach Lowe of CELTICS HUB e-mailed somewhat alarmed to have seen that Marquis Daniels had tweeted this:

  • Any body got a rednose pit dat u wana breed wit my Orlando raised brown eyed Doberman I have her tail n ears clipped…she’s a prize fighter¬†

Holy ghost of Michael Vick. Please, Mr. Daniels, on behalf of the Celtics and all that is holy, explain this in a way that makes sense. You are not really bragging about your prize fighter of a dog, right?

Lowe reached out to Daniels by Twitter last night, and got a couple of quick denials that this is what it appears it might be:

  • celticshub it was a joke towards someone I kno back in orlando alot of my posts r me joking on someone¬†
  • wat did u think I was talkn bout….lmao, ion even like animals wit teeth….lol

But it gets better. Daniels had another response to Lowe:

RT@lambo6 To whom it may concern I don’t fight dogs/cats/chickens/elephants/kangaroos r whateva it was a joke …

RT(Con’t)@lambo6 Stop tryin to make nothin into somethin.

The Birds

And to prove it was all a joke and that he had nothing to hide, Daniels promptly locked his Twitter account.

Look, I don’t know how this picture can be painted any more clearly at this point. When you’re a pro athlete, being paid zillions to represent a franchise, becoming a member of the media and broadcasting your “jokes” is not wise. Because that’s essentially what you’re doing: Chad Ochocinco, for example, has more than 160,000 followers to his Twitter feed, and more on UStream. I don’t know how many follow Daniels, because I can’t get in there now to look. But I’ll bet the number represents the circulation of a mid-level newspaper.

So when you crack wise about breeding dogs for fighting, then act surprised when some don’t get the joke, well, I have no further advice for you. Technology is just a bit over your head.

And so Marquis Daniels is our first candidate for the official SbB Twitter Hall of Fail. Other candidates?

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