Danica Puts Pedal To The Metal, Gets Pulled Over

• Whether racing ’round the track or cruising your neighborhood streets, Danica Patrick is not a girl that likes to take things slow.

Danica Patrick Bikini

(She’s so fast, the clothes zip right off her!)

• In a blow to male fantasies everywhere, the courts have ruled that cheerleading is not a contact sport.

Ed Hochuli strikes again - this time costing a Packers RB $1.35 million.

• As an NU fan, I personally do not want to remember the Alamo Bowl.

• The latest Israeli-Palestinian conflict is brought to you by Nike. Just do it.

Jay Cutler cuts down some teammates by dumping on Denver’s defense.

• A college prof wants to prove that football really is a game of inches - by measuring via satellite.

• Think the Cowboys’ Sunday night flight home from Philly was a somber one? Think again.

• And the winner of today’s Ronny Turiaf reaching-out caption contest is…

Ronny Turiaf Golden State Warriors

Wes Welker Wuvs You, with this apt ’80s song reference: Shooting at the walls of heartache, Bang! Bang! I am the Warrior!

Thanks for playing. We’ll be pointing out a new contest for y’all tomorrow.