Danica’s Mammaries Hurt Chances Of F1 Career?

Danica Patrick has been invited to lend her talents - and her racing skills - to the Formula One circuit.

Danica Patrick

The UK DAILY MAIL drives up news that Honda racing boss Nick Fry has offered Patrick the chance to try out for his F1 team this fall. And with some terrific trial times, she could be racing in Europe for real by early next year.

But some have scoffed at the idea of Danica being a good fit behind the F1 wheel - mainly because of her breasts.

Current Honda racer Jenson Button believes that Danica’s bosom would be a big stumbling block to overcome:

“A girl with big boobs would never be comfortable in the car, and the mechanics wouldn’t concentrate. Can you imagine strapping her in?”

Actually, we can. Twice a day, usually.

But seriously, Danica’s had no problems in the IndyCar circuit, claiming a few pole positions & even winning the Japan 300. And obviously pit row hasn’t been that distracted with Danica - otherwise, she would have claimed every checkered flag so far.

Most important of all - she isn’t that well-endowed.

Sounds like Jenson’s worried about losing his job. But Button best keep his mouth shut, if he knows what’s good for him. Just ask Charles Buckman.

Personally, we have no problem with Danica giving it a go across the Pond. And the Mail certainly seems to want her to come over, by politely referring to her as “Miss Danica” & “Miss Patrick” and peppering their article with photos like this:

Danica Patrick bikini beach on all fours

For a second, we thought we were reading the SUN (possibly NSFW).