IRL Trying To Weigh Down Danica With New Rule?

Danica Patrick is peeved that a new Indy Racing League rule appears to be punishing her for her petiteness.

Danica Patrick

USA TODAY reports that starting this season, the driver’s weight will be added to their vehicle’s overall poundage, which may affect minimum weight requirements. And Danica isn’t delighted with the news:

If someone’s going to take the hit it’s going to be me. It’s disappointing the league decided to do that. In so many other sports, athletes don’t get penalized for being too strong, or too tall or too fast.”

In order to even up the racing field, the IRL decided that heavier racers would have weight removed from their cars, while lighter drivers (such as the 100-pound Patrick) would have weight added to their vehicles.

Danica has admitted that her small stature may give her a big advantage on the track. A 2005 AP story reported that rival racing teams believe she gains at least 1 mph more because of her tiny size.

Dania Patick Topless Sports Illustrated

IRL spokesman John Griffin says, “We want to make absolutely clear this is not a Danica rule,” although Patrick claims that when she asked for a reason behind the new rule, “they didn’t really have one.” She further laments:

(It’s) just your God-given stature is being penalized. What am I going to do, though? It’s not my decision. That’s the people higher up (who) made their bed, and they’ve got to lay in it.”

Well, if certain drivers were to hop into certain beds, maybe rules can be reversed.

Danica Patrick Twinkies

Or certain drivers can just start eating more - but risk losing photo ops.