Danica Patrick Sells Cells By Signing Man Boobs

Throughout her career as an Indy car driver Danica Patrick has picked up quite a few endorsements for somebody who has only won one race in a sport that not too many people care about. In fact, I’m guessing she’s better known for her commercials than she is as a driver due to the nature of a lot of the ads she’s done for Go Daddy. In her recent ad just in time for the Indianapolis 500, she’s pulled over for speeding by a cop who then goes on to strip off her clothes and dance on the hood of her car. Now there’s her latest ad, which features a lot of exposed breasts, though they’re not the kind you’re hoping to see.

Danica Patrick Go Daddy

Patrick’s latest deal is with Boost Mobile, and in their new commercial she explains all the advantages of using Boost Mobile while signing some man boobs. If you haven’t eaten your lunch yet or are currently, you may not want to click that “Read more” link below this. Though if you hate yourself or are just one of those people who have to stare at car accidents hoping to see a severed limb lying in the road somewhere, well then do we have the video for you.

Courtesy of the guys over at GAME ON we no present to you Danica’s latest ad.

Seriously, no need to thank us for that one.  Now how in the hell that ad is supposed to inspire anybody to tell themselves that their current cell phone carrier sucks and Boost Mobile is obviously the way to go, I don’t know, but then again, I’m not in advertising.

Maybe they’re going after that coveted man-boob fetish demographic.

Whatever the case is, those guys may want to give Simona Halep a call to get some information on where she’s having her breast reduction done.