Danica Hits Pit Crewman; Shaq Makes (Butt) Crack

This Cedric Benson boating brouhaha keeps getting better & better.

• It’s no surprise that Danica Patrick would have men falling at her feet - but under her tires?

Danica Patrick photo SI

Shaquille O’Neal is caught talking out of his ass again.

• Don’t tell anyone, but Ray Allen’s mom & step-dad are in the witness protection program.

• What’s in your wallet? One Florida Gator had a dead woman’s credit card in his.

Tony Dungy takes time during a Tampa school visit to talk smack about the Pats.

Bob Huggins made a crash landing at an airport in Charlotte - by tripping over a cone & hitting his head.

• College papers bullied by athletic departments? ABC to the rescue!

Keith Olbermann digs through the dirt with a candid tour of the new Yankee Stadium under construction. However, he didn’t come across any more Ortiz jerseys.

• We realize that the Canadian dollar’s getting stronger, but 300 bucks for Bills seats at the Skydome?

• Who dares question the greatness that is Kentucky basketball?