Danica Patrick Gets Speeding Ticket From Stripper

Welcome back to your regularly scheduled SPORTSbyBROOKS programming. We hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, or at the very least, got drunk and embarrassed yourself somehow.

Somebody who didn’t drink and embarrass herself over the weekend was Danica Patrick. While she didn’t win the Indy 500 on Sunday, she did manage to finish in third place. Now as Ricky Bobby would remind us, if you’re not first your last, but third place is still the least last that any driver who has to pee sitting down at the Brickyard has ever finished, so she should be proud of herself.

If nothing else the third-place finish might help her forget about that unfortunate speeding ticket she got from that motorcycle cop/stripper that she ran into in the desert.

(Exclusive video of the traffic incident after the jump.)

Or maybe it was just an Internet commercial for GoDaddy and she doesn’t actually have to pay for a ticket. But seriously, what’s the deal with race car drivers getting pulled over by strippers in Hollywood? First Tom Cruise in “Days of Thunder”, and now Danica in the GoDaddy commercial.

I mean, can we get some actual nudity?

This commercial took me back to that horrible time when I was nine years old and seeing “Days of Thunder” at the movie theater with my aunt and cousins. When the stripper showed up, I thought I was going to get to see some boob action, and it never came.

It shook the very foundation of my life, and took me years to recover from. Now 19 years later I’m right back where I started. Thanks a lot, Go Daddy.