Danica Assures: ‘As long as I’m exposed in public’

The CANADIAN PRESS catches up to Danica Patrick to get her obligatory reax to the Erin Andrews peephole videosĀ  - and the results are truly spectacular. Patrick starts us off by assuring us …

Danica Patrick topless

“It’s not going to go away any time soon, probably not as long as I’m exposed in public and racing.”

OK, she probably didn’t mean it that way, but has a response ever been more unwittingly appropriate?

Danica Patrick topless

Her second remark though was spot on - providing she soon takes up residence north of the 38th parallel.

“But I would imagine there’s going to be a certain point in time where there’s probably going to be some sort of rules and enforcement as to the limit and the boundary line for what people are able to do and what they’re able to plug into their computer.”

Danica Patrick

(Danica’s next big splash: Tattoo parlor greeter?)

Wow, say it ain’t so Danica. I was hoping your career had a lot longer shelf-life, but once that “boundary line” is “enforced” on the web, how are you planning to augment your income? (Manning a headset at a GoDaddy’s call center? Tattoo parlor greeter?)