Danica Approached About Dancing With The Stars

In the wake of IRL driver Helio Castroneves winning “Dancing With The Stars,” it was inevitable that the media would go back to the motor sports well about future contestants on the show.

Danica Patrick


Sadly, Danica Patrick’s name has come up first (we’re on the Joe Nemecheck train), as the INDIANAPOLIS STAR reports that Castroneves recommended her to the show’s producers.

Her response, knowing Patrick’s personality, isn’t all that surprising.

Dour Danica has no interest: “No way. I’m telling you, no way.”

Danica Patrick

To her credit, she admitted to the Star that she “doesn’t think her personality is warm enough for cameras to beam her to more than 20 million people a night.” But it is a little perplexing that Patrick would flatly turn down the chance to promote the on-the-wane IRL.

Danica Patrick FHM

Yeah, her high-beams probably couldn’t warm a shrew mouse on Miami Beach. But her rear axle is another story.