Dana White Lectures Lesnar On How To Behave?!!

Like Snuggies® at small college football games in the fall, UFC has now officially taken over the world. The L.A. sports bar I shoehorned into Saturday was overwhelmed with TapOuted cranks trying to crash UFC 100. The only time I can remember SoCal *sports* fan reax even approaching that was Lakers NBA Finals-time.

Dana White FBomb Meltdown Brought To You By Bud Light

(Opposite day! White counsels Lesnar on couth)

UFC’s PPV buys, attendance figures, gate receipts, merch sales and coverage from MSM outlets has passed critical mass. UFC now IS MMA. They might as well rename the sport.

And with that suffocating coverage comes increased scrutiny. Scrutiny that led to the extensive public comment on Brock Lesnar’s regrettable post-fight behavior at UFC 100. And the deliciously ironic response from pro sports’ biggest a-hole, Dana White.

Following Lesnar’s post fight slights of fallen opposite Frank Mir and UFC title sponsor Bud Light, White reportedly lectured the fighter on the fine art of how to act in public.

In other words, it was opposite day!

Since Lesnar didn’t soon after act like a foul-mouthed, sexist pig, I assume White told him “do as I say, not as I do.”

For the uninformed, White recently unleashed a torrent of unjustified, personal invectives against UFC writer Loretta Hunt in a Youtube video he uploaded himself.

Sadly, White quickly took down the video of his expletive-filled, incomprehensible rant against an ESPN-affiliated reporter after I posted about it. (Wonder if the folks at Bud Light had a chance to see it before it was spiked?)

Think I’m alone in my opinion against White? Wrong. When he appeared on ESPN SportsCenter this morning, he was cautioned by Hannah Storm that, “you’re on (live) TV.”

Dana White Roger Goodell Who Would You Want To Run Your Sport?

Think she would say that to Roger Goodell? Bud Selig? David Stern? (OK, maybe Selig.)

That interview went on without incident, but remember UFC is riding high right now. Hope you’ve got your DVR set for the next, inevitable controversy thats casts White’s combat creation in a bad light.

(Can’t wait, actually.)