Dana White Is Back With New & Improved F*** You

If you’ve been here awhile, you know that I’ve oft-savored the small-screen performances of UFC President Dana White. Because of the media spotlight on his off-color, hate-filled rants of the past, White was basically forced to rip down his previous Vlog on Youtube and ended up losing the chance to star in his own reality show.

Dana White FBomb Meltdown Calls Loretta Hunt a F---ing Bitch

But I’m happy to report that White is back at it, and we have a full statistical analysis of his latest Vlog post - plus video. (Not Safe For Work.)

Transcript from the opening scene of the nine minute Vlog, in which White’s driver gets a traffic ticket:

He’s writing him a f—ing ticket. Is he writing the ticket? Come on.

So we’re parked here, ‘cause I’m sick as a dog, and we’re trying to pick up some medicine. He drives around the block, and this dickhead over here is gonna give us a ticket anyway for him stopping here to pick us up. What a douchebag.

Hey Greg, we’re not paying that sh–. That was your fault. You’re not gonna charge me for your f—ing driving violations.

“Get back in the car before I split your f—ing head open!” (everyone laughs)

Final stats breakdown of White’s performance:

F—: 2
F—ing: 6
Motherf—er: 1
Sh–: 4
Dickhead: 1
Douchebag: 1

I love what White’s done with UFC, but how does that stuff benefit the brand? He says the sport will eventually go mainstream, but how can it when the guy running it is putting that sort of thing out on Youtube? Doesn’t “mainstream” imply having kids take up UFC?

I know the brand is supposed to be edgy, but at some point you have to tone it down to get into the homes of middle America.

Am I being a prude?