Dana White Ends Video Blogs, Blames Economy

UFC front man Dana White is rarely one to shy away from self promotion, so it was a little surprising to hear earlier this month his announcement (via Twitter, natch) that he would be ending his regular video blogs on YouTube. What could possibly be the reason for such uncharacteristic restraint from White? Gee, it wouldn’t have anything to do with calling reporter Loretta Hunt a “f–ing dumb bitch,” would it? Or perhaps that advertisers, TV producers, and most of the non-tribal-tatted world frowns upon such vile, misogynistic behavior?

Dana White FBomb Meltdown Calls Loretta Hunt a F---ing Bitch

Well, not according to White, who held his traditional pre-fight press conference extravaganza yesterday in anticipation of UFC 102.  Of course not. So what was the pesky reason behind dropping one of his most popular features among MMA meatheads?

It’s the economy, stupid! Hey, at least he didn’t blame it on swine flu.

And not just the economy. Rather than accept responsibility that he was making a mockery of himself and his sport, he went on a bizarre, vague rant and accepted no responsibility whatsoever, according to the LAS VEGAS SUN:

Many were disappointed earlier this month when White announced via Twitter that he would no longer be filming his popular video blog. When asked about it on Thursday White said, “Something weird happened to me during the blogging.” White went on to say that he received letters from viewers calling him out on his lavish lifestyle during a time where many Americans are struggling financially. “It’s not the right time in the world right now for me to be doing the blogs,” he added.

May we remind you that this is coming from the same man that has no compunction about charging people - the same people who struggle so mightily while watching his YouTube screeds - $50 (sorry - $49.99) to watch his sport’s pay-per-view events. We’d tell the guy to go jump off a building or something, but … um, he’s already planning on doing that:

 Nobody is forgetting White’s promise that he would base jump off the top of Mandalay Bay if UFC 100 eclipsed 1.5 million pay-per-view buys (which it did). White promised media for the billionth time Thursday that he wasn’t backing out of his promise and still trying to talk the right people at the hotel and casino into letting him do it.

See, just when he goes and makes you roll your eyes for the millionth time, you hear something like that and have to admit … at least the guy knows how to put on a damn good show, and that’s what he gets paid for.