Trey Wingo Is A More Discerning Swiller Of Spirits

BASEBALL MUSINGS, via DEADSPIN, lifts ESPN’s embargo on the photographic evidence of Dana Jacobson feeling boozy at that recent ESPN Roast (who was it for again?):

Dana Jacobson Swilling Vodka

Neil Best of NEWSDAY adds to the fun, reporting that “there is a protest scheduled in Bristol Friday against ESPN’s Dana Jacobson that is based on a comment she made might very well not have made at a roast of some colleagues a couple of weeks back.

Something called the Christian Defense Coalition is planning the picket.

Do you really think there would be this uproar if ESPN hadn’t made the questionable decision to report Jacobson’s suspension and apology for 48 consecutive hours on all network platforms? If Bob Ley had done the same thing, think the boys in Bristol would’ve piled on like that?

ESPN itself has made this a bigger story than it really is. And we have a feeling Jacobson’s past complaints about the WWL may be playing into this.