Dan Snyder Steals Players Tickets Then Hires Five Bodyguards

WHY DAN SNYDER REALLY DOES NEED FIVE BODYGUARDS: The WASHINGTON TIMES today mocked Dan Snyder with this item about the height-challenged one: “Dan Snyder evidently felt the need for five — five! — security guards (at least by our unofficial tally) when he walked onto the field nearly two hours before the game. As he is at most road games, Snyder was trailed by wingman Bernard Shaw.

Dan Snyder

While you might think that’s overkill, Sunday ESPN’s Chris Mortensen gave a little hint as to why Snyder might’ve actually needed that heavy duty security. Seems that the Napoleonic NFLer took 300 sponsors to the Redskins-Cowboys affair yesterday, and to account for those seats, took away some of the Redskins player’s tickets, which had team members “upset” at Snyder.Yep, that’s where badass Bernie comes in …