Dan Patrick Takes Quick Swipe At Berman & ESPN

John Kiesewetter of the CINCINNATI ENQUIRER notes that Dan Patrick used a university talk to to take a quick jab at his former employer.

Dan Patrick Chris Berman

The ex-ESPN anchor and new SPORTS ILLUSTRATED writer was at Miami University Monday night - the one in Ohio, not Florida - giving a lecture on “Athletes As Heroes: Are There No Role Models Any More?” During the speech, he made mention of the Worldwide Leader’s pre-game programs.

Patrick doesn’t seem to be so amused by the antics of Chris Berman & crew, as he said about the shows, “I don’t know if I get anything from it but ‘back-back-back.’ Is that a subtle dig at ESPN?”

Now wonder Boomer’s been flying off the handle lately. (Too bad the Bristol lawyers are such killjoys about Berman video displays.) Maybe if Dan watches more of Emmitt Smith at work he can actually find some entertainment with the Entertainment & Sports Programming Network.

But Patrick might not find time, as he’s starting up his SI gig. One of his first assignments? A Q&A with Danica Patrick in this week’s Swimsuit Issue.

Danica Patrick Dan Patrick

On an interesting side note, Patrick spent Tuesday broadcasting his nationally syndicated radio show from his hometown of Cincinnati. Yet, no Cincy stations actually carry his program.

Maybe if Dan tossed a few bucks around.