Dan Patrick Show Dulled Down By Former ESPN Anchor Going Solo

DAN PATRICK SHOW DULLED DOWN AS HOST GOES SOLO: We know it’s only the first day of Dan Patrick’s *new* radio show, so we’d like to think the development of the show is still in progress. But, after listening to it this morning on KLAC-AM in Los Angeles, this version of the DP show reminds us a lot of right after Rob Dibble was dumped from his initial ESPN production - which isn’t a good sign.

Dan Patrick

Patrick didn’t take on a co-host after the goofy former fireballer was jettisoned, and the show soon sounded like a funeral procession. Humorless and worse yet, featuring no unique insight into the sports we all already follow.

After about a month of that, program directors at Patrick’s ESPN radio affiliates at the time staged a revolt, demanding that they be allowed to drop the show if no changes were made to the NPR-esque format. Bristol executives responded by bringing in Keith Olbermann to save the show (along with major outdoor ad campaigns in large markets).

Dan Patrick Keith Olbermann

Now Patrick is back out on his own, and the show has once again uncovered his true personality: A self-important dullard. This morning the show moved at the same pace as a Herman Edwards’ sideline (brain) synapse. We hate the fake morning show cackling as much as you do. But in the two hours we listened, we laughed exactly zero times.

The top personality on KLAC, afternoon host Petros Papadakis, made an appearance on Patrick’s show this morning to discuss USC football. Papadakis is a hilarious personality who has taken the L.A. market and college football media world by storm.

Petros Papadakis Lane Kiffin

You would think Patrick would embrace the highest-ranking host on what will surely be his top affiliate in the future. But shockingly, DP brought on the former USC football captain for only a few seconds to analyze USC football, and then brushed him off like he was a phone monkey calling in a high school volleyball score.

KLAC Roggin Simers Squared

Patrick is broadcasting his show from KLAC in Los Angeles this week (he’ll eventually do the show from his Bristol bunker). He was able to land that initial outlet only because the station’s previous morning show co-host, T.J. Simers, decided recently that he couldn’t continue and was going to walk away at the end of the year (and no obvious replacement had been made apparent).

We’re not completely condemning Patrick’s latest foray into hosting a sports radio show, but it’s painfully obvious that he doesn’t have the charisma and/or personality to carry his own production without a talented on-air ensemble around him. If changes aren’t made to slick things up, the show has no chance to be high-profile.