Dan Patrick Pulled Off The Air Again ESPN Refuses To Level With Listeners

ESPN INSULTS LISTENERS (AGAIN) WITH PATRICK DEBACLE: Anyone with detectable electrical activity inside their cranium knew that allowing Dan Patrick on the radio for four more weeks after his announced departure wasn’t going to end well.

Dan Patrick Sean Salisbury

The same day (yesterday) the CHICAGO TRIBUNE reported that Patrick had signed a deal to syndicate a new radio show out of something called the Content Factory, ESPN ripped him off the air, plugged in Scott Van Pelt as a stopgap and stripped the show of Patrick-based production elements.

ESPN Magazine bonfire

Same thing today. Patrick is obviously done, but our favorite sports media monolith once again insults its listeners by refusing to level with them on what happened. That, our friends, is what happens when you have no competition - you become arrogant. And that arrogance is what continues to alienate ESPN’s audience and is signaling the network’s decline.Brisol-buttressed suits can chuckle all they want at that notion, but the barbarians are a lot closer to the gate than they know.

UPDATE: Patrick will apparently return to the show. So why the elimination of all mentions of him by fill-in hosts - and stripping the show of Patrick-based production elements? Stupid.