Dan Patrick Lands First Radio Affiliate On Los Angeles Station

PATRICK LANDS FIRST RADIO AFFILIATE - ON L.A. STATION: Don Barrett of LARadio.com reports that Dan Patrick will have at least one affiliate when he radio show kicks off Oct. 1: KLAC-AM in Los Angeles, which also serves as the flagship station for the Lakers and UCLA.

Dan Patrick Sean Salisbury

Current KLAC-AM morning host Fred Roggin broke the news this morning: “This is going to be our final show together on KLAC. Yesterday, [we received] the somewhat sobering, yet exciting news. As many of you know, Dan Patrick, who worked for ESPN for many years, left that network and became a free agent and decided to go with syndicated radio.

T.J Simers Fred Roggin

As the story goes, as the crow flies, as the wind blows, Clear Channel, which owns this station, signed Dan Patrick. Dan Patrick needed a Los Angeles home. Given the fact that from the very beginning of our go-round here, it had been trumpeted that it was only going to last a year.

Roggin co-hosted the show with T.J. Simers of the L.A. Times, who weighed in with, “I made it very clear to management that this was killing me. I’m an old man. This was a tall order we took on. It was bigger than I thought. As recently as a couple of weeks ago I told them I couldn’t do it every day. So I think it was pretty much understood that we were not going to continue in the same format.

Dan Patrick

Everything they said they would do, they’ve lived up to. I’ve got no problem because I was gone in December. And for Don Martin [KLAC gm/pd] to be right once again that local sports radio can’t make it in the morning. That was the thing you just couldn’t argue with.

Correction: Morning sports radio in L.A. can succeed, just not with Simers at the helm (fueled by 11 minutes sleep). We’ll be shocked if the dreadful Patrick (at least as a radio host) lasts as long as the Roggin-Simers pairing did.