Blogs: Dan Patrick Joins Sports Illustrated, Jenn Sterger Needs A New Bandwagon To Jump On

• Looks like they found Jenn’s replacement: SPORTS MEDIA WATCH knows that SPORTS ILLUSTRATED can’t stop Dan Patrick, they can only hope to contain him:

Dan Patrick Jenn Sterger

• Speaking of Miss Sterger, now that the Bulls have been skewered, we hope Florida Atlantic is ready to Cowgirl Up.• DEADSPIN twirls us this rant by THIGHS WIDE SHUT on all things Matthew Berry.

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS covers their ears, as Ray Allen doesn’t approve of teammate Kevin Garnett’s potty mouth:

Boston Celtics Kevin Garnett Irish Spring soap

• KISSING SUZY KOLBER runs a tale of the tape between Monday night nemeses Jacksonville and Indianapolis.• THE WIZARD OF ODDS wonders if Turner Gill will be shuffling off from Buffalo to become the new Husker head.

• OUR BOOK OF SCRAP is glowing with news that radioactive waste was found at one of the sites for the 2012 London Olympics:

London Olympics radioactive logo

DC SPORTS BOG directs us to this odd online activity of playing dress-up with Steve Spurrier.• BRUINS NATION offers some helpful tips on how to acquire a new UCLA football coach.

• Actual headline from THE SPORTING NEWS: “Bowl hopes magnify Stanford-Arizona matchup“:

Arizona Stanford bowl hopes Sporting News

Say what?!• On the heels of Joe Torre walking away from the Yanks, RUMORS AND RANTS offer their own historical moments of bravado.

• PART MULE senses a bad omen at Qualcomm, as new Charger Chris Chambers gets the old jersey number of David Boston.

• If rooting for Brett Favre is like rooting for America, RIVALFISH wonders what nations other NFLers represent.