Dan Le Batard Takes Break from News Business

THE DAILY PULP reports that Dan Le Batard of the MIAMI HERALD won’t be of the MIAMI HERALD for one year starting May 15th as he takes a leave of absence. His outside work as a radio host (picking fights and having fights picked for him), ESPN personality, and South Beach bon vivant has now become his ‘only’ work for a year.

Dan LeBatard

(Dan’s outfit for the now-postponed Pulitzer ceremony)

We have some sense that we’re supposed to take the obligatory pot shot here at Le Batard, but we find him intelligent and rather charming. Also, we are rather familiar with the notion of juggling multiple jobs. If he has the means and the HERALD doesn’t mind, vaya con Dios, Dan.

However, don’t let your editor tell us you “still hope to write occasionally, a la Dave Barry. Dan, babe, we like your writing well enough, but don’t let him compare you to Dave Barry.

Also, don’t let your editor, Jorge Rojas, bury the lede: he’s thrilled he doesn’t have to pay you (much) for a year. As THE BIG LEAD succinctly points out, four of Le Batard’s compatriots in the Sports Department have been offered buyouts.

Le Batard should definitely enjoy what will definitely feel like a vacation for a time, but don’t stay out too long; there may not be a job waiting.