Dallas To Rip College FB HOF From South Bend?

For many years some of the top high school football talent in Texas — a state ripe with football players — have ventured north to South Bend, Indiana, to play football at Notre Dame. Well, now it seems that the state of Texas would like to take something back from South Bend for itself. Specifically, the College Football Hall of Fame.

College Football Hall of Fame

Dallas mayor Tom Leppert has joined a star-studded group of people including Roger Staubach, Deion Sanders, and T. Boone Pickens in campaigning to have the Hall of Fame relocated to Dallas where Leppert believes that they can bring a lot more to the experience.


“Bringing the College Football Hall of Fame here will be a game changer — a game changer for the Hall of Fame, a game changer for downtown Dallas,” said Leppert.

Leppert said Dallas could offer a higher profile for the museum than South Bend and could boost attendance — where initial projections estimate 400,000 visitors in the first year.

“Is it a done deal? No. We are going to have to work hard,” said Leppert. “But clearly we would not be pursuing this unless we had a good sense from our conversations that success was possible.”

While the city of Dallas isn’t expected to have their proposal for a new Hall of Fame ready until the end of the year, it turns out they aren’t alone in their pursuit to pilfer the Hall from South Bend. They aren’t even the only city in the state that has their eyes on it, as Arlington is also planning on going after the Hall.

I’m not sure that this will actually happen, but if it does, it kind of makes sense. Having the Hall of Fame in South Bend all these years was fitting, considering that Notre Dame was always considered the epicenter of college football with their history and tradition. But lately the only tradition at Notre Dame has been disappointment.

Losing the Hall of Fame would only be the latest shot in the repeated kicks to the groin the people of South Bend have endured.