Dallas Suddenly A Repository Of Second Chances

The Cowboys this past season gave Tank Johnson an opportunity for a comeback following suspension, they’re locked in negotiations with the Titans for the rights to Adam “Pacman” Jones and it appears their latest prized prospect of the Goodell School of Wayward Players is recently released former Bengals receiver Chris Henry, so indicates Matt Moseley in his HASHMARKS blog.

chris henry

Dallas has been tripping over itself trying to find a number two receiver to replace the broken down Terry Glenn. There were faint rumblings over whether they’d sign Randy Moss, or trade for Chad Johnson. They targeted Larry Fitzgerald in free agency and have considered trading for the Lions’ Roy Williams as well.

So, it’s not a huge shock that the Cowboys might be willing to give Henry a shot. He’s obviously a gifted player when he’s able to stay off the police blotter, which isn’t often. He can probably be signed for next to nothing

Best of all, a Pacman Jones-Chris Henry pairing would have misbehavior potential that the Nationals’ Elijah Dukes and Lastings Milledge could only dream of. I feel like I’m committing a thoughtcrime just pondering the possibilities.

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