Dallas PD Officer In Moats Traffic Stop Resigns

Good news, we suppose, coming from the DALLAS MORNING NEWS today, as Robert Powell, the guy who may have misinterpreted the situation a skosh when he detained Ryan Moats in a hospital parking lot while Moats’ mother-in-law passed away inside, has resigned over the incident. That’s “resigned,” as in quit, not “re-signed,” as in got a contract extension. The only people who do that for the incompetent are the Knicks.

Officer Robert Powell Tattoo From His Myspace Page
(What was once a bad tattoo is now… an insanely bad tattoo.)

Powell’s resignation comes amid increased scrutiny of his actions, which include detaining Zach Thomas‘ wife for five hours over an illegal U-turn and bragging about fighting with a suspect while her 7-year old daughter watched. In other words, some time out of the spotlight is probably exactly what Powell’s looking for.

We’ll give him credit for one thing, though; the contrition in his written statement appears genuine. Far from the standard boilerplate “I’m sorry if anyone was offended” non-apology that dominates such situations, Powell’s statement goes into great detail about what, specifically, was wrong about what he did:

In a televised interview Monday, the embattled officer said he understood why video of the incident made people angry, and that he wished he had acted differently. “If I were in that situation again, I would take them inside and let them be with their mother, which is where they needed to be,” Powell told KTVT-TV (Channel 11).

You see? That’s a real apology. This is good. Now granted, the scale’s still tipping far on the side of a**hole when Powell’s previous conduct is weighed against this apology, but it was either the ancient Chinese or Stephen Baldwin who said, “Every journey starts with a single step.” Mighta been both.

So now that everything’s settled, we can just get back to nor… oh, dude, no:

Tamishia Moats said the family has not heard from Powell personally.

“It would be comforting to get an apology from him,” she said. “We definitely would accept his apology.”

You haven’t f***ing apologized to them yet? What is this, the worst episode of “My Name Is Earl” ever? Go! Go apologize now! For f***’s sake. Oh, I was so ready to be done with this.