Dallas Drug Dealer: He Supplied Vick With Steroids

Thanks to a new government memo that links Michael Vick to steroids, the DALLAS MORNING NEWS today published allegations from convicted Dallas drug dealer David Jacobs that he supplied Vick with steroids.

David Jacobs Alleges He Supplied Vick With Steroids

(David Jacobs said he supplied Vick with steroids) 

The Dallas outlet did not publish Jacobs’ claim until TheSmokingGun.com obtained a government investigation memo that quotes a DEA informant linking Vick to steroids.

A Drug Enforcement Administration informant told agents that Michael Vick once spoke about steroids and human growth hormone with a dealer, telling the man that he “liked his product,”

During the FBI’s investigation of Vick for running a dog fighting operation, TSG reports:

A federal prosecutor asked Vick about a December 2006 Atlanta Falcons team party during which the alleged conversation about steroids occurred. “Vick was reportedly overheard telling” the dealer (whose name was redacted from the memo) that he “liked his product.”

Some have speculated that the informant who ratted out Vick was in fact Jacobs, who oversaw a huge steroids trafficking ring until he was arrested in 2007. After his capture, Jacobs made his claims about supplying steroids to Vick to the Dallas Morning News.

A year later, he committed suicide.

Based on Jacobs’ claims to the DMN, Vick may be extremely lucky that the drug dealer took his own life.

From the Dallas Morning News story:

Michael Vick has told federal investigators that he never used performance-enhancing drugs, but Plano steroids trafficker David Jacobs told The Dallas Morning News before his death that he was Vick’s supplier when Vick played for the Atlanta Falcons

The DMN doesn’t quote Jacobs, but that information indicates that if Jacobs was still alive, there might’ve been a serious investigation into his claims about supplying Vick with steroids.

For the record, Vick has denied ever taking steroids and HGH.

In response to the DMN’s report on Jacobs’ claim, the NFL issued this statement:

“Based on our investigation and the available information, we have been unable to substantiate any of Mr. Jacobs’ claims that he provided performance-enhancing substances to NFL players. Consistent with our policy, we will continue to vigorously pursue all credible claims and take action as appropriate.”

Perhaps this is a stretch, but is it unreasonable to think that the rage created by alleged steroid use might’ve led to some of Vick’s sadistic behavior with dogs? In no way does that excuse his horrific animal abuse, but that might be a piece to the puzzle of why things happened the way they did.