Cowboys Stadium To Hang Up $25M Scoreboard

The Dallas Cowboys want to make sure everyone can see what’s going on at their new stadium. So, as SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY reports, Jerry Jones & co. plan on adding a little fixtures here and there to their $1.1 billion entertainment center.

New Dallas Cowboys scoreboard

The biggest item is the installation of a scoreboard hanging from the center of the stadium. And like everything else in Texas, it’s gonna be a big one.

The Mitsubishi-built scoreboard will be 60 yards long and weight about 1.2 million pounds, promising to be the world’s largest high-definition LED display. But unlike most football scoreboards that are usually placed behind end zones, this $25 million monitor will be hovering directly over the field.

So, those in the upper deck can still follow the action from their high perches. And for those fans who can’t get inside, the Cowboys also plan on installing large video screens on the exterior of the stadium. So, Dallas fans can keep on drinking in the parking lot and still see the game. Both the scoreboard & outdoor video displays are expected to total up to $40 million.

These are nice amenities and all, but if a fan can’t get in or get good seats, why wouldn’t they just watch the game at home? And how will the players feel running around underneath a 1.2 million-pound scoreboard only held up by a few cables?