Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo Caught Flying Commercial Without Jessica Simpson

ROMO’S L.A. TRIP ENDS WITH SAYONARA VIA SOUTHWEST: Doesn’t being the star QB for the Dallas Cowboys and jaunting with Jessica Simpson mean anything to the FAA?

Tony Romo LAX

In one of the great indignities of modern transportation times, Tony Romo was caught flying commercial.TMZ clears the runway with video of Burlington High’s very own NFL stud hoofing it through the terminal entrance and security area of Los Angeles International Airport.

On the way to L.A., Romo was able to snag a seat with Simpson on a private jet taking off from Dallas’ Love Field (how apt).

But for his return to the Big D on Sunday, Tony was flying solo, having to schlep around LAX with the coach-class commoners.

Hummel figurines horses

Part of the reason may be that the Cowboys QB couldn’t afford an expensive trip back. Bill Zwecker of the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES notes that the Romo-antic has been spending like crazy on gifts for his latest female “friend”.Items have reportedly ranged from “corny little figurines he picks up at the drugstore to Baccarat crystal vases ‘filled with gorgeous red roses’ to pieces of jewelry (a pearl and gold pin and a ‘fun’ sports watch, but no ring so far).”

Tony Romo Jessica Simpson

With such extravagances eating into his flight finances, no wonder he’s looking so bummed in these snapshots.