Dallas Cowboys Fumble Opportunity To Grab Cowboys.com Domain Name

DALLAS DUMBASSES FUMBLE OFF COWBOYS.COM DOMAIN: America’s Team made an A-1 online error, as the Dallas Cowboys botched a chance to buy their namesake website:

Dallas Cowboys fumble

SbBer Brad tosses us to TOUCHDOWN.ORG, who directs us to the binary buffoonery over on DOMAIN NAME NEWS, where the football franchise fumbled away a chance to increase their online fortunes.

The domain name ‘Cowboys.com’ was recently put up for auction, and the NFL team apparently came out as the top bidder. However, what soon happened was a failure in communication - the winning bid was $275,000, but for some reason the Cowboys though the price was only $275 - a thousand times less.

Broken computer money


Due to the dispute, the deal was dissolved, and the domain was put back on the auction block. A group of investors shrewdly out-bid the ‘Boys, as they purchased the domain for $370,000 - under the assurance that it wasn’t just $370.

At least the team still has DallasCowboys.com to call their own. We just hope Jerry Jones doesn’t think he’s paying Tony Romo $1 a year instead of $1 million.