Dallas Academy Lose Game 100-0, Cancel Season

To continue with our theme this morning of crazy things happening in the world of basketball, it’s time we introduced you to the girl’s basketball team at Dallas Academy. Now the team isn’t exactly the greatest group of young women ever assembled together and placed on a basketball court. In fact, they may be the worst basketball team ever. Even worse than the Clippers.

(Even worse than us?)

See, the girls of Dallas Academy haven’t won a single game in four years, but despite that the school has carried on with the team. That is until last week anyway. On January 13th the girls took on The Covenant School and things didn’t go very well. In fact, they went terribly wrong as Covenant beat Dallas Academy by a score of 100-0, and that was the final straw.


The Bulldogs play, [coach Jeremy] Civello said, for more than the final score. They play in hope of improving skills, learning teamwork and picking up whatever life lessons athletics may bring.

But they won’t be playing Covenant again this season; they canceled their Jan. 30 game against the team. After the game, Dallas Academy informed the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools that it was withdrawing its girls team from the league for the rest of the season. 

“We just said, ‘The hell with it,’ ” said Jim Richardson, Dallas Academy’s headmaster.

Now while it would be easy to make fun of these girls for getting absolutely destroyed, it’s important that I point out Dallas Academy is a school whose goal is to help girls with learning disabilities, not to win basketball games. And as coach Civello is quick to point out, he’s proud of his girls for the way they played in that game, saying “My girls never quit.  They played as hard as they could to the very end. They played with all their hearts at 70-nothing, 80-nothing and 100-nothing.”

In fact, it’s the Covenant School who is taking more heat for this game than the Dallas Academy. People are wondering why the girls at Covenant felt the need to keep pouring it on until the final buzzer, and even their coach is questioning them.

In a brief e-mail statement Wednesday evening, Covenant coach Micah Grimes called his team’s 100-point total “unfortunate.”

“It just happened, and we are not happy about that,” Grimes wrote. “Please know Covenant intended no harm against them. I see this as a real learning opportunity, so we can prevent this from happening in the future.”

Now I’ve always gone by the motto when it comes to teams running up the score that if you want your opponent to stop scoring on you, then stop them, so I don’t think the Covenant School has anything to apologize for. Then again, I’ve never lost a game 100-0. Plus, while they’re taking a bunch of heat for it, the girls at Covenant did let up in the fourth quarter. They had an 88-0 lead after three quarters and then only scored 12 more points before calling off the dogs, all of which makes me think coach Grimes is full of crap when he says that “it just happened.”