Daisy De La Hoya Pics Proving Uncle Oscar Proud

The De La Hoyas just love to show off for the camera. Previously, Oscar unveiled his weakness for stockings & ladies’ wear in a memorable set.

Oscar Daisy De La Hoya

And now niece Daisy wants to prove her uncle isn’t the only De La Hoya who can pull off the stylish trash look. The VH1 “Rock of Love” contestant has a whole MySpace collection of slutty and sluttier snapshots.

But TMZ comes across one photo a little more revealing than the others.

In this piece de resistance, Daisy is giving the one-finger kiss-off while enjoying a Jack & Coke - with the kind of coke you don’t find in 2-liter bottles. She claims the powder’s only flour - but we’re not willing to risk tasting her cookies.

Daisy De La Hoya censored photo

And with that segue, it could be argued that in the original pic, Daisy is showing off a little too much private real estate downtown. After careful investigation (and we do mean careful), we couldn’t really tell, but we covered the disputed zone just to be safe. (Judge the possibly-NSFW version for yourself here.)

After perusing through the rest of Daisy’s collection, it looks like uncle Oscar’s found a shopping buddy for his next trip to Trashy Lingerie.