Jenn Sterger’s 15 Minutes Of Fame Are Not Up Yet

We’re in the middle of a compelling NFL playoffs. The Jets just fired their head coach, and the Giants are about to host a divisional rival with whom they split two regular season games in a fascinating matchup. So what does the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS commit a significant amount of time and ink to on the first Monday back from the holidays? Former MAXIM and PLAYBOY pinup turned Jets Gameday host Jenn Sterger, of course!

jenn sterger under armour
(This is from the DAILY NEWS photo gallery, we swear to God.)

And making matters even more striking, they pull a botched Photoshop job on the “online sensation’s” face.

daily news jenn sterger screen grab 2
(Someone go fire the photo intern.)

Sure, Sterger is the kind of personality who might warrant an offseason story in April, when nothing is going on. But in the middle of the playoffs, with the Jets embroiled in a coaching search that may cost a popular college coach his job, Brett Favre hanging on a retirement decision by a thread and the NFL Draft just months away? Come on.

That’s before you consider all the time off many workers are returning from, with the public finally attacking the news full bore again now that everyone’s back at work. Don’t worry, we’ve got more photos of “The best of Jenn Sterger” from THE DAILY NEWS after the break.

Look, we’re hardly the place to ever criticize serious time for hot women, let alone those who practically launched their own career online. With the exception of Brent Musburger’s “15,000 red-blooded Americans just signed up to go to Florida State,” line in 2005, Sterger’s pretty much made her own breaks. Still, that hardly makes her a story worth primo placement in the DAILY NEWS sports section in the middle of the NFL playoffs!

jenn sterger laundry

(OK, THE DAILY NEWS is really going to have to walk us through what this has to do with sports. Not that we don’t like it, of course.)

And at least have a decent photo editor touch up her shots. We’re shocked she didn’t negotiate that when giving the interview, a la PLAYBOY, MAXIM, JUGGS et. al. Her face looks like it’s been overpowdered for the after shot for a Proactiv informercial. That’s not helping Sterger’s case, or the DAILY NEWS’.

jenn sterger jets jersey

sterger less photoshopy